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The Avicenna Directory is merging with the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), managed by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, FAIMER, to create the new World Directory of Medical Schools.  The target date for the launch of the World Directory is January 2014.

During November and December 2013, data from Avicenna and IMED is being merged, to create the new database for the World Directory.  Although the Avicenna Directory will remain open, and will remain open during 2014, and can be consulted, no new data will now be added.  Existing entries will progressively be brought up to date, and new schools added, in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Similarly, IMED will remain open for a year following the launch of the World Directory, to ensure that users of both IMED and Avicenna have continuity of the essential service that they provide.

Soon after the opening of the World Directory, information on the procedure to be followed in order for a medical school to be listed will be posted on the World Directory website.  There will also be information on how to correct or bring up-to-date an existing entry.  During November and December, while the existing directories are being merged, our ability to deal with any queries will be very limited.