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Scope and content

The aim of the AVICENNA Directory is to provide up-to-date and reliable information on institutions that educate health professionals, starting with medicine, to all who are interested - policy-makers at national and international level; authorities responsible for licences to practice; teachers and schools; and students seeking to identify a suitable quality programme.

The AVICENNA Directories is a project in development, starting with medicine and might progress to include pharmacy, public health, and other academic health professions.

The AVICENNA Directory holds contact details of institutions, admission rules, a brief description of the educational programme, the titles of degrees and diplomas awarded, accreditation status and other quality assurance mechanisms in use. Besides information on educational institutions the AVICENNA Directory will hold information at a national level, which will include the number of institutions, national requirements for quality assurance of education for the health professions etc. 

The AVICENNA Secretariat updates and validates the information in this Directory with the assistance of relevant national authorities.

Note: Listing of an institution in the Avicenna Directory does not mean that the Avicenna Secretariat or the organisations responsible for the Directory have granted recognition or accreditation. The Avicenna Secretariat has no authority to grant any form of recognition or accreditation to educational institutions or their programmes. Such procedures and decisions remain the exclusive prerogative of the national government concerned.